Renzulli Learning
is a web based program that is designed to help students achieve by focusing on their strengths, their interests, and ways they like to express themselves and learn.  Several building leaders and teachers as well as Dr. Mussoline went to University of Connecticut in July of 2010 to learn about the program.  We saw Renzulli Learning as having potential for the Downingtown Area School District because it is designed to develop differentiated instructional activities for children based on teacher input and student learning profiles.  Renzulli Learning identifies resources from a wide array of web based sites that are appropriate to the instructional and developmental level of children.  Sites have been researched for safety and linked to specific content or conceptual areas that match PA standards and DASD curricula.  If you wish to visit the site, please go to
www.renzullilearning.com.  At this site you will notice the site tour availability.  By clicking on site tour you will see the many options for student learning that exist after the profile is completed and assignments are set upon teacher review of the many options.  There are also case studies that speak to the power of this tool.

Currently we have four schools who were trained in Renzulli Learning.  Both East Ward Elementary School and Downingtown Middle School and DEEP and ACCESS teachers at the high schools were trained on October 11 in the basics while Pickering Valley and Brandywine Wallace completed training on November 2.  Profile completion is in progress and teachers are searching topics and sharing assignments with others so they can begin student use.  A follow up training will be held for these same staff members at the beginning of the new year with a demonstration and site visits set for the spring for all building leaders who are currently not involved in the pilot project.  Use and effectiveness are being monitored weekly to determine if Renzulli Learning yields the potential growth in students that we expect and to determine if further implementation across other DASD buildings is warranted. 

Nancy L. Fuhrman, PhD

Supervisor of Professional Learning, DASD