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Reminder:  There is no school on Thursday, Friday, and Monday, April 17 - 21. Have a great spring break! See you on Tuesday, April 22, 2014. 



Bradford Heights staff and students received the prestigious "Governor's Award for Excellence in Education" on Monday, April 14, 2014. Acting Secretary of Education Carolyn Dumeresq was on hand to present the banner. The Award is given to PA schools scoring over 90 on the School Performance Profile.​ Congratulations to the Citadel Heart of Learning nominees from Bradford Heights - Lisa Montemuro, Jackie Almo, Jennifer Gandert, Sarah Griffin, Deb Rooney, Lauren Sweatman, Kelly Warren, and Patricia Williams!​
WOW! Bradford Heights 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students did an amazing job working through their PSSA's last week. 4th grade is still going to be working on their Science PSSA and 5th grade will be completing their writing. Throughout the week everyone worked together as a team to make this a successful experience for everyone. A big thank you to all of our students for all of their hard work this past week. We are very proud of everyone.
This week Bradford Heights was host to the Melmark Joybells. The Joybells are under the direction of Sue Graves and Joyce Klinck. This unique handbell choir presents a varied repertoire of music. Melmark is a non-profit provider of residental, educational, therapeutic, and recreational services for people with mental and physical challenges.
The students and faculty were mesermized by the amazing music played by the Melmark Joybell group. During the performance, Mrs. Graves shared many things about the group and wanted everyone to understand and appreciate the group that was perfoming. Every student received the message loud and clear that just because a person may be different does not mean that they do not want they same things in life that they do. The students and staff loved the concert and many students went up to the performers after the concert to thank them and introduce themselves. They Melmark group left Bradford Heights with about 550 new friends.
***Special note:  After school intramurals, for grades 4 and 5, will be extended one week. 
PSSA testing dates postponed. Click here for explanation.​ And here for new calendar.
















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