2015-2016 STEM
Academy Applications

Please click here for a screencast of the Parent Information Night which was held on Thursday, October 9, 2014. 
Middle School Visits by the Headmaster will occurred
the week of October 6th to provide information
to the students. 


Below are the requirements and criteria for admission, 2015-2016:

1. Requirements to be eligible to apply to the STEM Academy

a. Resident of the Downingtown Area School District 

b. A minimum of a “C” Average in all core classes in grades 6, 7, & 8

c. Successful completion of Algebra I prior to the start of school. The STEM Academy reserves the option to administer an Algebra I test to ensure proficiency. 

d. Successful completion of Language Level I (Spanish, French, or German) prior to the start of school. The STEM Academy reserves the option to administer a Level I test to ensure that students have met the world language pre-requisite. 

2. Written Evaluation

a. Three essays, ten points for each = 30 total points  

b. Each response must be in essay format with a clear thesis and supporting evidence.  

c. Two essays will be completed online and one essay will be completed in-school (at your current schoolas per schedule above.

3. Recommendation

a. Teacher Recommendation= 12 points  

b. Each candidate requests one recommendation from a current or former English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, or World Languages, 6th, 7th, or 8th grade teacher. This recommendation is submitted electronically. 

4. Scoring

Each application is triple blind scored by a team of Downingtown Area School District professionals.

5. Interview 

Interview of an applicant may occur upon request from the Academy administration.

6. 2015-2016

a. All students must have successfully completed Algebra I prior to entering the STEM Academy.

b. All students must have successfully completed a Level I language class in either French, German, or Spanish, prior to entering the STEM Academy.

Total Points= 42 points​ 

Online application window closes on
October 26, 2014 at 9 PM