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 Welcome to the Health Office

School Nurses:  610-942-8950 ext. 4305

Mrs. Flint, RN, BSN, CSN (Mon., Tues., every other Wed.)

  Mrs. Tyree RN (Every other Wed., Thurs., Fri.)

We are committed to keeping your children safe and comfortable while they are away from home, so that they can be challenged as leaners at school. We will administer medications, as needed, with orders from your pediatrician. We will assess and treat your child for illness/injury symptoms that manifest during the school day. We can also assist you in assessing whether your child is well enough for a learning day, just give us a call to confer. We do recommend that a child should stay home if there is: fever (100'F or above) and until fever-free for 24 hours without and analgesic, vomiting, diarrhea, persistent cough or communicable disease. Please keep us updated with your best contact information, so that we can reach you as quickly as possible during an emergency. There are relevant authorization forms and helpful websites below for your review.

New Nurse ! 
Please welcome Mrs. April Tyree, RN our new Health Room Nurse at SM & BC ! She was the nurse @LMS for 8 years and nursed in 2 large pediatric offices prior to that, following a career as a maternity nurse. She is one of our own SM parents, with an elementary school son & middle school daughter. Lucky for us, another nurse mom in the house !! Please stop by to say hello to April !
Back Up Outfits
Every day someone suffers a spill, stain , tear or other wardrobe malfunction during the school day. Although the Nurse’s office is equipped with some changes (thanks to our generous moms,) having your very own outfit, shoes or jacket just feels better. Please consider packing a change of clothing/shoes/sweatshirt that may be kept at school, name-labeled in a bag, for those outfit accidents that invariably occur.
Tune-Ups, Vaccines

For the protection of All of our students and staff , please update your child’s confidential school health record with a physical exam report(within the last year) from your pediatrician’s office and any vaccine updates. The state particularly requires schools to maintain this updated data for kindergarten, 6th, 11th  and new students from out of state or country.   These documents are keepers for your home health file, as well as copies submitted to the school Nurse’s Office.  Please advise us in writing if your child’s medical condition or immunization status renders them in need of alerts of any type.

Keeping the Louse Out of Our House
Those tiny, wingless six legged parasites – head lice … They’re out & about once again, in search of a healthy head host, via close, head to head, direct contact. They do not jump or fly. Keep them out of our houses with some preventative work:
* Check your child’s scalp/hair weekly for lice, dandruff, sores, ticks, fleas or fungus.
*Check your child’s head prior to a sleepover, play date or team event and ask friends’ parents to do the same, so as not to spread infection.
* Have your child use their very own comb, hair accessories & hats/helmets/headphones. Wear long hair up in a ponytail or braid.
*Kindly, confidentially notify close contacts and the school nurse of any potentially contagious health problem, so that we can monitor /screen . Most important, always contact your pediatrician for diagnosis & treatment advice.
*Keep bodies, belongings & food to themselves always and stay healthy in the bubble.
*Hand wash & dry thoroughly at every opportunity, as well as other daily hygiene tasks to keep germs at bay.

Notes from the Nurses … October 2014 

Hand Hygiene Hints
Hello All   !
We are all about the critical need to share  our welcoming warmth to  friends & colleagues !  Bacteriologically speaking, "the handshake is pretty gross," said the author of a brief report in the American Journal of Infection Control.  Handshakes (which date back to ancient Greece !) transfer twice as many bacteria as high fives and 10 times as many as fist bumps.  
 So, given the need to stay happy and healthy , consider trying to convey  greeting warmth by smiling, putting a hand to the heart , having eye contact or  better yet - using  our  fabulous words.  Remember to preach  handwashing, disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, keeping hands  & bodies to self  and staying home when sick .
Health & Happiness !
Wellness Tip of the Week
Eating 6 small meals per day instead of 3 larger meals helps to increase your metabolism, which will lead to burning more calories. Be sure to emphasize protein source along with fruits and vegetables rather than carbohydrates in these meals.


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