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EARTH without ART is just...EH
The week of April 22 is Earth and Art Week at WB!  The art show and Square 1 pick up is Thursday from 6-8PM.  Come see the amazing transformation of our school! Trash has become treasure....along with incredible student works of art.
In celebration of Earth week:

Earth Week Happenings:  

·        Tuesday, April 22nd is Earth Day! Wear “Green” to support environmental awareness. Challenge yourself and pack a “Zero Waste” lunch that day!  Pack it in, pack it out! Eat it or take it home to eat later, don’t throw good food away!

The Grocery Bag Project- An environmental awareness project in which WB students decorated paper grocery bags with environ-mental messages that will be handed out at the “Acme” in Thorndale on Earth Day.

·        April 23rd-“Reduce Paper Wednesday” students are encourage to use only one paper towel after washing their hands and only one napkin and no straw at lunch. Wear Rainbow colors that day to support the earth and art week!

·        April 24th-“Power Down Thursday”, each classroom will turn off their lights and power down any electronics for one hour that day. Wear white  to keep it bright, see you tonight at Celebrate Art Night!

·        April 26th- BYOWB-Bring your own water bottle to WB in an eco friendly reusable bottle. Leave your plastic disposable bottle at home! Wear  different shades of blue today to support our oceans.


A reminder: As we stated previously, an absence missed due to impassable roads during the February storms will be excused, but you must send in a note specifying that condition was the cause of your child’s absence. As specified in the Pennsylvania School Code, no absence from school will be excused unless “the district has been provided with evidence that absence may be legally excused.” (§ 11.24. Unaccounted absences.)​​
PSSA testing dates are changed. Click here for an explanation, and here for the new dates.
Did you know...?  ​Dr. Wert is Pennsylvania's 2013
National Distinguished Principal?
Warm WB Welcome to our new staff:  Mr. Jack Kennedy, librarian, Miss Melissa Terwilliger, Learning Support and Miss Danielle DiBerardinis grade 2! 
New Books for the Library - thanks to you! Click​ Books.pdf for the story!
This week's
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  Thanks for all your help! Over 300 pounds of food was collected and delivered!  WOO HOO!


hank dr s.jpg
Hank loved Dr. Seuss night.

Jakes WayBack Burgers
Wednesday, 4/16

4:00-8:00 PM
Lincoln Highway, Thorndale
Jakes April Night Flyer.pdfJakes April Night Flyer.pdf

Have you visited Math Central yet?  It's the online resource to support our Math In Focus program.
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Math in Focus Parent Letter for Think Central Resources (2).pdfMath in Focus Parent Letter for Think Central Resources (2).pdf


New End of Day Parent Pick Up Procedure!
Did you get your visor card?
Click here for details!
parent pick up 08.13.pdfparent pick up 08.13.pdf

The scoop on CLEARANCES: 
If you NEED them, here is what to do:
Chaperone Clearances Guidelines.pdfChaperone Clearances Guidelines.pdf
If you HAVE them, you need to complete and retun THIS form (Act 24)to stay current.
Act 24 Arrest or Conviction Report and Certification form 8 28 12.pdfAct 24 Arrest or Conviction Report and Certification form 8 28 12.pdf

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